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While Christian missionaries have made positive contributions to human flourishing among indigenous people, colonialism is a hard habit to break. Going forward, let’s build reciprocal friendships across cultures in humility. […] Read More

Social media has evolved the ways we live in community. We often express love, affection and admiration to the posts, tweets and shares of the other. However, what happens in virtual space does not transfer to the real world. […] Read More

Life is like a Rubik’s cube: chaotic, disorganized and frustrating. Unlike a Rubik’s cube, life’s problems aren’t always possible to solve. In those difficult times, we need people who will resolve to be with us. […] Read More

What’s needed to be a true peacemaker? You must be willing to seek to find goodness and beauty even from those of another faith, who are unlike you or may disagree with you. And you must be openly and humbly self-reflective. […] Read More

In interfaith dialogue, representatives from other religions talk about their individual faith and practice and what makes it so unique. But how do you transition to interfaith friendship? In one case, it was bowling. […] Read More

Anti-Semitism. Racial prejudice and violence. Welcoming refugees from a minority religious background. The relationship between church and state. These societal problems dominate the headlines, and thoughtful Christians are wondering how their faith can inform their responses to such pressing concerns. None of these problems is novel; Baptists throughout the United States wrestled with all of […] Read More

It is something most ministers want. And it can feel impossible to find. Yet seeking pastoral wisdom is vital for the work of the church and for leading people of faith. Becoming pastorally wise is what I call a “big squishy goal,” or as one of my students put it, “a big scary goal.” She’s […] Read More

Three of my closest friends are in AA. Our relationship began when I visited the editor of a local paper. I wanted to place an ad in his paper for our church. He and I became friends. We coached Little League on the Boston common for seven years. I discovered he was in “recovery.” My […] Read More

Virgil Morrison Jr. was a 68-year-old man when I met him. Everyone called him “Junior,” but there was nothing junior about him. He was 6-foot-5 and weighed 300 pounds. He smiled an endearing, toothless smile. His feet were size 16, his shoes looked like boats. He was balding, with clumps of white hair on the […] Read More

Can Gimli and Legolas help us learn how to bridge divides and advance the common good? If these names are unfamiliar, they are two central characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series. For context, there is a long-standing animosity between dwarves and elves in the world of “Middle-earth” that Tolkien created. Gimli […] Read More