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As many as a million people were killed during three months of 1994 during the Rwandan genocide. However, healing is the real story in this African nation as neighbor sought forgiveness from neighbor in the aftermath of the slaughter. […] Read More

Still feeling the pain of his death on Jan. 26, the public will pay their respects today to basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Since the beloved athlete’s death, many have asked, “What did Kobe do to deserve this outpouring of emotion?” […] Read More

Abuse survivors are told too often to forgive and forget. But don’t ever forget. Forgiveness is about personal power, about attaining peace, about looking forward with hope. These 5 exercises will help you let go of the angst. […] Read More

Offering forgiveness is commendable. However, those who receive forgiveness must begin to accept responsibility for their behavior. At some point, the guardians of systemic racism, of unjust systems, of white supremacy have to repent. […] Read More

When we witness someone display a moment of extraordinary grace or strength, we must avoid setting that as the precedent for them or others. We can appreciate super-human effort but must still see normal-human effort as valuable. […] Read More

The gap between heaven and earth is an unbridgeable one that we’ve been trying to close forever. Between rich and poor, victim and racist, hated and hater. To bridge it will involve forgiveness from both sides. […] Read More

The #metoo campaign has died down, but it has stayed with me. My stories, the stories I’ve read and the stories I’ve heard from people who weren’t ready to share their stories in a public forum all continue to whisper through my thoughts. The ones that are the most difficult for me to hear are […] Read More

The concept of “disorienting times” was the focus of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary’s 14th Middle East Conference / Consultation (June 19-23), organized by its Institute of Middle East Studies. Highlights from the 2017 consultation are available here. Four themes – Persecution and Suffering; Emigration; Hopelessness and Despair; and Minoritization – were integrated and engaged […] Read More

Philip Yancey is one of those writers who reaches past the normal barriers faced by Christian authors to speak to the pain of a hurting world. He writes in such an engaging, thoughtful and undefensive style that he touches those who wouldn’t necessarily listen to preachers or go to churches – people who like Jesus […] Read More

The challenge of Jesus’ resurrection was the focus on a recent article in America magazine. “Unlike previous communities in which the bond among members forges itself through those it excludes and scapegoats, the gratuity of the resurrection allows for a community shaped by forgiven-forgivers,” Grant Kaplan observed. What he is saying, among other things, is […] Read More