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Foreign Aid

Without warning, the United States has cut funding for several independent Palestinian Christian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), according to a Christian development charity based in the United Kingdom. The charity, BibleLands, said a number of its partners have told it that funding from USAID, the U.S. government’s aid arm, has been taken away. BibleLands believes this […] Read More

International aid can – and does – make a difference. That’s the verdict from international development charities recently in the wake of a generally positive United Nations update on progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The report suggests the aim of halving the number of the world’s poor between 1990 and 2015 remains on […] Read More

Christian charities in Great Britain have reiterated their belief that international aid should be protected from cuts after a poll suggested it would be among the public’s top priorities for spending cuts. Nearly half (49 percent) of the 2,000 respondents in the Local Government Association (LGA) survey thought overseas aid should be lowered to save […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a two-part series on providing humanitarian relief to Africa. I’ve been trying to sketch an outline of how Westerners tend to develop and characterize our relationship with Africa and the people who live there, specifically with reference to the international aid and development system. I’ve argued that […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the first part of a two-part series on providing humanitarian relief to Africa. If we are to move away from the savior mode into an empowerment paradigm when it comes to assistance to Africa and elsewhere in the developing world, what needs to happen? There are four sets of key players […] Read More

Like so many Americans, I have been glued to the television and its images from Haiti. On a coffee break, I watched first responders pull people out of the rubble. With my heart broken at the sight of such profound human suffering, a gentleman leaned over to me and said, “Well, here comes another ‘bailout.'” […] Read More

A federal agency’s ongoing investigation of an American evangelical relief organization may prove that what separates church and state is not a wall, but a thin line. Evangelist Franklin Graham’s ministry, Samaritan’s Purse of Boone, N.C., has received $225,000 from the United States Agency for International Development to build prefabricated housing and distribute supplies after […] Read More