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Over the next decade, the number of people who are food insecure, which means they don’t have access to 2,100 daily calories of food, is expected to decline globally, a USDA report says. […] Read More

U.S. households eligible to receive SNAP benefits will receive their February disbursement ahead of schedule in late January. However, low-income families will need to submit new applications sooner too. […] Read More

The Bible has quite a lot to say about food – who has it and who hasn’t, who deserves it and who doesn’t. The Bible, that most political collection of books, history, letters, speeches, prayers, prophetic oracles and stories, is positively stuffed with food and people who need it. From Cain and Abel and Jacob […] Read More

Television commercials offer cultural insight, with their content and presentation methods serving as a tool for social analysis. On a recent evening, my wife and I were watching a sit-com via a network’s streaming option, and I noticed that the same ads were repeated during most commercial breaks. Two ads were for food products, containing […] Read More

According to the Los Angeles Times, scientists are producing meat by in-vitro cell growth, with the prospect that it will replace raising livestock. If it becomes commercially affordable, there will be no greenhouse gases or killing of animals. The Christian consensus before the mass apostasy of AD 249-251 was that no food is religiously forbidden […] Read More

When Jesus told his disciples in the gospel of John that he was the “bread of life,” it meant that he would nourish people physically and spiritually. Jesus used food and fellowship to fill the empty stomachs of the poor around him, even those individuals who were outcasts because of sin (see Luke 15:1-2).  He […] Read More

I’ve been a Baptist for all but 18 of the 870 months of my life. Those non-Baptist months were at the very beginning, ending when my parents abandoned the small Presbyterian church near our home and looked for the church with the best Christian education program for their long awaited and only child. The largest […] Read More

Joseph Ratzinger, who recently stepped down as Pope Benedict XVI, was not as popular, let alone as saintly, as his predecessor John Paul II. But he has acquired a well-deserved reputation as the “Green Pope,” making the Vatican the first carbon-neutral country in the world, putting thousands of solar panels on Vatican rooftops (a project […] Read More

Just a few days after Jan. 1, 2007, our Sunday school facilitator commenced the morning discussion by posing the following question: “Where do you encounter God?” The answers were varied: “in the Scripture,” “in prayer,” “in church,” “in the laundry room” (it was one housewife’s only private time for introspection), and “in friends” were some […] Read More

Any conversation dealing with meat eating is geared to the minority of the world’s population who can afford to be carnivorous.  In order to maintain a U.S. diet, more than 9 billion livestock must be maintained to supply the animal protein consumed each year in the United States, according to an article in the American […] Read More