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Focus on the Family

(RNS) Focus on the Family has announced 110 job cuts in the latest round of layoffs that the Colorado ministry attributes to the departure of founder James Dobson and the reduced financial support from donors. This is not a happy time, obviously, having to say `goodbye’ to some of our ministry family, said Focus spokesman […] Read More

Given the outcry over Tim Tebow’s TV ad during the Super Bowl, one would think that the Super Bowl is sacred space.   For those who have missed the latest scrimmage in the American culture war, here’s an overview. A University of Florida football star named Tim Tebow, known for both his remarkable athleticism and […] Read More

Have you heard the news? The “culture wars” are over. Well, not really. They were over for about five minutes. Now they’re back on again.   Here’s what happened: Word started getting around that James Dobson of Focus on the Family had given a farewell speech to his staff during which he conceded that the […] Read More

James Dobson’s detractors responded with glee to his announced resignation as chair of the board of directors of Focus on the Family. The reaction of his supporters was muted. Dobson’s decision probably means less than his detractors hope, more than his supporters fear and trouble for both groups. The gay blogosphere sparkled with celebration about […] Read More

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and about a dozen other pro-family leaders met privately with President Bush recently about Iraq, Iran and the war on terror. As reported first by Max Blumenthal at The Raw Story, Dobson described a series of meetings in Washington on Monday’s Focus on the Family radio show, the […] Read More

A Christian family organization usually opposed to violent video games for children apparently has no problem with a recently released game based on the best-selling “Left Behind” novels and movies that critics say celebrates religiously induced violence. Plugged In, a Focus on the Family publication, called Left Behind: Eternal Forces “the kind of game that […] Read More

In their book “Blinded by Might” conservative Christians Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson chided Religious Right leaders for becoming too involved in politics. In one chapter entitled “Focus on the Family, Not on Politics,” Thomas critiques comments and actions by James Dobson. “It is our concern that his current focus on politics will derail and […] Read More

For some time now, groups like the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, have served as a conduit for funneling a particular political agenda into the hearts and minds of many Christians. These same organizations have also returned the favor by channeling right wing religious concerns into […] Read More

A Washington-based group on Monday filed a complaint asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether Focus on the Family should lose its tax-exempt status, because its founder, James Dobson, endorsed candidates for office. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics said Dobson, though barred from electioneering by IRS regulations governing tax-exempt non-profits, endorsed several candidates for […] Read More

Facing threats that the Senate Judiciary Committee might subpoena him, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson has disclosed details of a private conversation with presidential adviser Karl Rove. Dobson denied there was a “backroom deal” offering assurance that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers would vote against abortion in exchange for his support. Last week […] Read More