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Although many American Christians will insist the U.S. flag belongs in their churches’ sanctuaries, displaying the flag in church compromises Christianity. It’s worth the fight to remove the flag from your sanctuary. […] Read More

While Independence Day provides US churches with the opportunity to celebrate religious liberty, they must be careful to not cross the line and transform their worship services into a patriotic pep rally. […] Read More

There’s a time and place for honoring the U.S. flag, but church is for worshipping God alone. Pastors who want to remove the flag from the sanctuary often face angry members, raising serious concerns about idolatry. […] Read More

Is wrapping oneself in the American flag a sure sign of a scoundrel? Consider the recent actions of Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.), who sponsored a recent resolution that was passed giving Congress the power to ban the desecration of the U.S. flag. Calling the legislation a “victory for every American,” Cunningham said the flag […] Read More

Congregations around the country are doing their best to respond to the current military crisis in Iraq. Church members and children of church members are serving in various branches of the military on active duty in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. We pray for the soldiers and their families. We write them letters and […] Read More

HESSTON, Kan. – After a flurry of last-minute maneuvers in the Kansas Legislature, Hesston College will not lose any of its state tuition funding next year over its practice of not flying the American flag. Meanwhile, a Wichita legislator has been authorized in a state spending package to offer to buy the campus a new […] Read More

Mississippi voters ended a statewide flag referendum last week, choosing to keep the symbol of the Old South, known as the Confederate or St. Andrew’s cross, as a dominant part of the state banner. However, the debate is likely to continue with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) threatening to boycott […] Read More

Mississippi legislators set April 17 as the date for a referendum to choose between the 1894 state flag and a new design. If the new design is adopted, the Confederate emblem currently occupying one third of the flag will be replaced by a circular shape of 20 stars, and the 1894 flag will become a […] Read More

Jesus’ position was referenced often during a heated four-hour debate in the Georgia state Senate Jan. 30 over changing the state flag, which resulted in a diminished Confederate battle emblem. Addressing the Senate, Gov. Roy Barnes quoted a letter from former Sen. Clint Day saying “people of faith must be guided by a moral compass […] Read More

Jesus and the Georgia Flag

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following fictional story was written from the heart of the battle over the Georgia state flag. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is absolutely intentional. Nine-year-old Eric taps on the study door, cracks it open. “Uh, preacher, do you have a minute?” “Well, hello, Eric. Sure I have a minute. Come […] Read More