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Fisher Humphreys

Some Christians suggest that the biblical teaching that humans have dominion over the earth grants them a license to exploit the planet. The biblical themes in the Bible, however, encourage stewardship. Here are 9 of them. […] Read More

Does the biblical teaching that human beings have dominion over the earth grant Westerners a license to exploit the planet? Or are there biblical themes that encourage stewardship rather than exploitation? I think there are such themes. Here are nine of them: 1.    The Earth is God’s good creation. The Genesis creation story makes it […] Read More

On the death penalty, as on so many issues, Will D. Campbell has been out in front of many of us. Perhaps you have heard the story about a debate he had on this subject. His opponent made a case for capital punishment that was reasoned, balanced and thorough. The moderator of the debate then […] Read More