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Ferrell Foster

Like the people of ancient times, we still struggle with false gods. Today’s false gods come in the form of money, sexual gratification, fancy homes, political power, romantic love, financial security, our looks, impressive job titles, a collection of some sort, cars, guns and invitations to exclusive gatherings. I could go on. But one of […] Read More

Every adult American can hear in their minds the voice, rhetorical skills and moving words of the late Martin Luther King Jr. He had the ability to move people with his spoken words in a manner possible of few people in history. He made the phrase, “I have a dream,” forever a part of the […] Read More

Things are about to get crazy in Texas – or crazier. It is less than two months before the Republican and Democratic primary elections here (March 1), and early voting begins Feb. 16. No party speaks for God. There will be committed Christians, as well as others, running in both parties. Some of them will […] Read More

A U.S. Christian asked the gathered children if any had experienced difficulty in forgiving someone. One small boy raised his hand and said it was difficult forgiving the armed men who blew up a car, killing his uncle. This very public and understandable confession occurred at a Baptist camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. […] Read More

The U.S. Senate has shown both courage and wisdom in passing the sweeping immigration bill. In order to get bipartisan support, the bill had to reflect the concerns of people across the political spectrum, and this has resulted in a bill that addresses the needs of security, business and immigrants. Scripture teaches us to care […] Read More

Photos give us a chance to gaze back in time, and I have one that is a special treasure. It is a black-and-white picture of a beautiful teenage girl wearing a simple dress with a look on her face that says, “I love life and can’t wait to live more of it.” Pictures are true, […] Read More

Alabama has the “sorriest tax structure in the country,” says a law professor who advocates fair taxation on biblical grounds. Speaking at a recent citizenship conference sponsored by the Baptist General Convention of Texas Christian Life Commission, Susan Pace Hamill, a professor at the University of Alabama School of Law, decried a “trend toward unfair […] Read More

Immigration is on the political agenda in Washington, and changes can be expected, says Suzii Paynter, director of citizenship and public policy.for the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. “Our system is very broken, and the president has made it a priority” to fix the situation, Paynter said. Three types of […] Read More

Nearly 5,000 people attended a Ten Commandments Rally in Dallas April 3 to discuss the “importance of God in politics,” the Dallas Morning News reported. But a Baptist ethics leader later raised concerns about the event and the movement it represents. “Does there need to be a rally for the Ten Commandments? Yes, but it […] Read More