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Ongoing discussions following the release of the Department of Justice report on the behaviors and actions perpetrated by the police and courts of Ferguson, Missouri, reveal that our nation is divided along multiple lines. Religious and civil rights leaders of all races and nationalities have spoken out against the actions and attitudes of those in […] Read More

Community relations have changed since Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson more than six months ago. There has been an increase in discussions about how police patrol urban communities. There has also been open dialogue about race, white privilege and their influence on how people view and respond to law enforcement. […] Read More

The grand jury decision related to the shooting death of Michael Brown has been officially released. Officer Darren Wilson has been acquitted of all charges in the case. After the decision was announced people responded in ways that many of us feared. The lasting images that were captured by the media and broadcast throughout the […] Read More

As the city of Ferguson and the greater St. Louis metropolitan region braces for the impending grand jury verdict related to the officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting, multiple questions still loom. Why is this a big deal to minorities? Why are minorities so angry, especially about an event that did not affect them […] Read More

I met up with a friend to do some photography of the prairies in southwest Missouri a few weeks ago. I had never photographed prairies and, although I had a few preconceptions of what a prairie would look like, I really didn’t know what to expect. When we stopped at the first spot and got […] Read More

The city of Ferguson, Missouri, has been transformed over the past two weeks from an unknown sleepy town located in the northern portion of St. Louis into the symbolic embodiment of multiple racial, political and social struggles. The incident, and the subsequent fallout, has served as one more point of engagement for discussing what is […] Read More

Like most people who have seen, heard or read about the series of events that have occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, I have been frustrated and disheartened at the loss of a life, the unnecessary theft and destruction of property, and the weakening of trust between residents and government. I have also struggled with how I […] Read More

As a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, makes international headlines following a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed African-American teenager, most Baptist churches have responded with silence while some attempt to build peace and reconciliation. examined the websites and social media accounts of a few dozen Baptist churches in the St. Louis area, […] Read More