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Federal Budget

Let’s call it what it is. It’s heresy. Now, to be sure, this charge applies only to confessing followers of Jesus Christ who are serving as representatives in the U.S. Congress. That is, the charge can’t apply to atheists and members of other religious bodies whose teachings are contrary to what is found in the […] Read More

It hasn’t yet become a daily routine, but Congress continues to go to the well to approve stop-gap spending bills so the federal government can continue to operate. But this fiscal year, temporary budget approvals have included terms of three days, two weeks (twice), two months and 10 weeks. The current spending bill is for […] Read More

Politicians, who call for cuts in virtually every line of national and state budgets, are politically and economically understandable. When you’ve got the opportunity to build on the public’s fear as a weapon to achieve your economic and political objectives, why not exploit it? If you have the chance to scare folks into thinking that […] Read More

North Carolina taxpayers will spend more than $78 million on energy-bill giveaways in fiscal year 2004. If they dumped the giveaways, they could hire more than 1,500 elementary school teachers … or provide health care for upwards of 48,000 children … or buy 348 new fire trucks. This sort of fun with federal trade-offs can […] Read More