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Anti-Jewish bias continues to account for most religious-bias hate crimes in the US, according to an analysis of FBI data. Of the single-bias incidents involving religious bias, nearly six out of 10 were anti-Jewish. […] Read More

Continuing a multiyear trend of increases, the number of reported human trafficking offenses in the United States increased in 2018 to nearly 1,400 offenses, according to an annual FBI report. […] Read More

Anti-Semitic hate crimes in the U.S. increased by 37 percent in 2017, according to the FBI’s annual Hate Crimes Statistics report. Islam also saw a double-digit percentage of hate crimes. […] Read More

Anti-Jewish sentiment is the basis for a majority of the hate crimes with a religious bias each year in the U.S., according to an analysis of FBI data. […] Read More

Human trafficking cases in the U.S. increased slightly in 2017 to 1,220 reported offenses by law enforcement, the FBI said. Texas had the highest number of cases. […] Read More

There were 1,196 human trafficking offenses in the U.S. reported to law enforcement in 2016, according to the FBI’s annual “Crime in the U.S.” report released on Sept. 25. The majority (1,007) of reported trafficking incidents involved commercial sex acts, with the remaining 189 cases related to involuntary servitude. The trafficking data in the annual […] Read More

The faith community has a significant role to play in combating the exploitation of children. Such exploitation has “soared in recent years” as the Internet has “expose[d] children to new and evolving forms of sexual exploitation,” a United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) press release said in announcing the release of a resource for faith-based groups. […] Read More

(RNS) FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training. The coalition raised the idea during a Feb 8 meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller, who met with the groups to discuss […] Read More

(RNS) A Muslim civil rights group is accusing the FBI and other federal agencies of “bad policing” and flaunting the Constitution in a 56-page report released to mark the 10th anniversary of the Patriot Act. The Tuesday (Oct. 25) report by Muslim Advocates, “Losing Liberty: The State of Freedom 10 Years After The Patriot Act” […] Read More

(RNS) A former FBI counterterrorism director on Tuesday (March 8) rejected allegations by the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee that Muslim Americans don’t cooperate with law enforcement in terror investigations. Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican, will open hearings on Thursday about Muslim radicalization that critics say unfairly singles out Muslims. “I […] Read More