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I only heard the phrase “compassion fatigue” a few years ago, but I knew what it meant even before I heard it defined. I know I am not as good a Christian as some, but fairly often, I feel burned by someone I am trying to help in some material way. Sadly, a measure of […] Read More

When the Going Gets Tough

A sermon by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. February 10, 2013 Psalm 138:1-8; Luke 5:1-11 A local pastor does television spots, perhaps you’ve seen them, and in one of them he quotes a sign that he says graces a major league baseball clubhouse. It has to do with humility. I […] Read More

A friend recently shared with me a daily devotion that pointed out the story in Exodus 17 regarding Moses’ arms. As long as Moses held his staff with his arms aloft, the Israelites prevailed in their battle with the Amalekites. When he grew weary, Aaron and Hur found him a stone to sit on, and […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Joel Snider, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Rome, Ga., on November 28, 2010. Isaiah 40:1-5, 27-31 Morning Prayer: Our Father, we approach this Advent season confessing that we have lost our way.  We admit to you that we have lost sight of our true needs and that we have grown far too […] Read More

Who Is This?

Sermon delivered by Randy Hyde, pastor of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock, A.R., on June 21 2009. Job 38:1-11; Mark 4:35-41            For a miracle story, which is what this narrative from the Gospel of Mark is, Jesus sure comes across as human. Not as human as the disciples, of course, but still human. This […] Read More