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Father's Day

While many imperfect men make wonderful fathers, not all of us were fortunate to have such men as we grew up. Yet we can imagine what it would have been like, to have a father into whose eyes you could fall. […] Read More

What does comprehensive immigration reform look like? I don’t know, but I know what it does not look like. What if we treated every desperate person at our borders who was at the end of their rope as if they were a part of our family? How would this influence our decisions? This is what […] Read More

I often remark to my church about how fortunate I am to have parents who work in my field. The advantages are obvious: “talking shop” all the time, unlimited advice, understanding of the ins and outs of ministry, even planning vacations around Sundays. But really – advice and shoptalk can come from anywhere. What I […] Read More

Do you think your church is kind on Father’s Day? Most of us would say, yes, of course! Yet, for men who long to be fathers and are not, for any who have a difficult relationship with their biological fathers, or those who have lost their fathers too soon, Sundays like Father’s Day can feel […] Read More

I have noticed a steady increase over the past several years in the number of articles and social media posts about whether and how churches should observe Mother’s Day. This year, I noticed that similar posts about Father’s Day have remained steady – at zero. In case it was just me, I asked around. Only […] Read More

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which begs the question: “Do dads really ever get a day?” While Father’s Day is on every calendar, both print and electronic, most dads I know have to be reminded when their day rolls around every June. In fact, many men will tell you that it doesn’t feel […] Read More

We were invited to remember World Refugee Day, Father’s Day and International Yoga Day two weekends ago. No need to guess which was the most popular. Crass commercialism rules. And the greatest tragedy for me is the way it has engulfed so many affluent churches, reinforcing their inward focus and tendency to being mere pawns […] Read More

Like most people, I have several titles associated with my life. When being introduced in a formal setting, I am called “doctor.” When visiting the hospital, I am often called “reverend.” At church, most call me “pastor.” My wife, when she refers to me in conversation with others, calls me her “husband.” And my children […] Read More

Father’s Day is a distant second to Mother’s Day at every point – sentimentality, celebration and commerce. And that needs to change. It’s a cultural event that affords a platform for truth-telling and moral advocacy. Granted, Mother’s Day got a head start. It became a national holiday in the United States in 1914, made so […] Read More

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Around the country children of all ages will be celebrating their dads. With all my children grown, it has become a particularly enjoyable day for me. When they were little, I would get weird pancakes, half-cooked bacon and partially brewed coffee. Now, I get treated to a nice restaurant. Father’s […] Read More