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(RNS) Facebook shut down a “Third Palestinian Intifada” page and similar groups this week, prompted by complaints from Jewish groups that the content had crossed the line from free speech to violent incitement. The campaign has raised questions about whether Facebook should be used to facilitate some popular uprisings but not others, and even whether […] Read More

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (RNS) A Grand Rapids man who took a bride while still married to his estranged first wife—and who is now charged with polygamy—says he “made a mistake.” Richard Barton Jr., 34, who remains free from jail on personal recognizance after being arrested March 16, said, “I let love get in the way.” […] Read More

Accolades for the movie “The Social Network” should get the church’s attention. The church can normally dismiss the latest entertainment phenomenon as a fad, but not this time. What is occurring is a new way of creating community and belonging. The internet, and Face book especially, have tapped into people’s desire to be a part […] Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. (RNS) As a Florida pastor faced pressure to call off his plans to burn Qurans, Facebook revoked a Portland minister’s posting rights to his page opposing the burning. By late Thursday (Sept. 9), the Quran burning was on hold and the Rev. Chuck Currie was back on Facebook. Currie’s page, “People of Faith […] Read More

A successful Web/IT developer recently said in his thought-provoking blog that he knows a lot of people who want to pull the plug on Facebook and other social media because the technologies set up a shell of who they really are. Folks upload pictures of their vacation without talking about the crumbling marriages they are […] Read More

Dear Sasha and Malia, Your dad’s been working hard for the American people, and as one of the 46 million Americans who lacked health insurance, I’m thankful. As a graduate student who uses the student loan program, I’m thankful. As someone unemployed, I’m thankful. But mostly, I’m thankful because I’m a Christian, and your father […] Read More

Face to Facebook with Jesus

Founded by a Harvard University student in a dorm room five years ago this week,, or simply “Facebook,” has become an Internet social networking phenomenon with over 150 million active users worldwide–and it’s still growing. Though initially created for college and university students, it was not long before Facebook was opened to the Web-surfing […] Read More