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Christian missionaries found themselves in 1966 in Nigeria amid tribal genocide. They didn’t tell their story about saving lives for 50 years. Now, they are in a forthcoming documentary, “The Disturbances.” This feature-length film is based on video interviews with 25 eyewitnesses – missionaries, missionary children and Nigerians, as well as numerous other conversations with […] Read More

As soon as reports appeared on the Paris attacks, the global faith community turned to Twitter to express solidarity for those who suffered and to pray for the victims and their families. Catholic News Agency offered an early tweet: “Join us as we #PrayForParis.” I retweeted their tweet: “Catholic News Agency calls for prayer for […] Read More

Pity the elusive mouse who must struggle to disconnect himself in the minds of youthful humans from the ubiquitous, plasticized keyboard kind. Does anyone any longer recognize the fundamental literary distinction between Walt’s beloved “Mickey” and some cordless, unconnected robot rodent? What have we done with our words? Rats! Shame on the unwashed who thoughtlessly […] Read More

We are living in a hurried, fast-paced age. If you do not own or have access to a MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad or their non-Apple equivalents, you are almost lost. While these new forms of technology have afforded us tremendous conveniences, some unfortunate byproducts of those conveniences have emerged. Text messages, Twitter and Facebook encourage […] Read More

Before social media, a “snail mail” letter to the editor of your local newspaper was about the only way to make your voice heard. Now Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress and Google+ make it easy for anyone to shout out their opinion on any topic at any time. In fact, social media might make it […] Read More

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a three-part series about using social media platforms to help reach more people in our mission to challenge people of faith to advance the common good. With the advent of social media, advertising and promoting organizations, movements and causes became cheaper and easier, but not less complicated. […] Read More

When it began, the worldwide web was like a newspaper or a book: there were pages other people had published that you could read if you wanted. You could even publish your own pages, with a bit of effort, but essentially someone wrote stuff for other people to read. To change the analogy slightly, the […] Read More

In 1960, Elvis Presley recorded a song that had been written in 1926, and it became an immediate hit. “AreYouLonesomeTonight?” set records for the speediest rise on the Billboard Top 40 chart and remained at No. 1 for six weeks. The song is thoroughly cheesy and way over-the-top melodramatic, but it rang a bell with […] Read More

UNION TOWNSHIP, N.J. (RNS) It began last week with a single online comment, one critical of a high school display marking Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month. It soon ballooned into a harangue against homosexuality, a “perverted spirit” and a “sin” that “breeds like cancer.” “Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of […] Read More

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Italians have an expression, “every death of a pope,” to describe rare events. And with Pope Benedict XVI in good health and scheduled to take three foreign trips in the next three months, few are talking about his replacement. But as with almost everything else, the digital revolution has thrown papal successions […] Read More