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Learning and respecting the traditions of your faith are good things, but at what point is it time for the tradition – or at the least the parts of the tradition you use – to change and evolve? […] Read More

Count on the campaign season to provide us with plenty of fodder for reflection on our life together. Sometimes even little phrases and word choices can become windows for looking into our own houses, and for looking out those same windows to see the world outside in a different light. A phrase that has caught […] Read More

Usually, I pay my respect to those with experience. I value the experience of others who are skilled, accomplished, knowledgeable and who simply have done it. Yet, there are times when experience is monumentally unhelpful.   I have recognized this truth when a church member has offered, “But, we have never done it that way before.” Or I […] Read More

Turning Point

A sermon delivered by Wendell Griffen, Pastor of New Millennium Church, Little Rock, Ark., on April 18, 2010.   Acts 9:1-6 What caused you to become a follower of Jesus?  I am not talking about when you began attending church?  I mean to ask you to think about what caused you to begin to take […] Read More

A pastor recently shared with me that one of his parishioners had outlived two of her cardiologists. When she got the third one, she asked him, “How’s your heart?”   It’s a good question for a lot of us.   I’ve been thinking a lot about pastors as I’ve driven these back roads and spoken […] Read More