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We were honored to be invited to a friend’s home for their Seder dinner on the first night of Passover. It was a meaningful and fascinating experience as we read through the Haggadah (readings that guide the Seder meal by retelling the Exodus narrative) and ate the various foods of the proscribed dishes. We were […] Read More

We all know the Exodus story. The story of the Israelites’ captivity as enslaved peoples in Egypt and their harsh treatment by the authorities at the time. We know of their miraculous escape led by Moses through the waters of the Red Sea and of their wanderings in the wilderness for 40 years. Forty years […] Read More

Ridley Scott can’t or won’t shake faith on film. See “Gladiator,” “Kingdom of Heaven” and now “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” The latter stars Christian Bale as Moses in the well-known tale of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. There’s nothing wrong with Bale; he delivers his usual good work. Joel Edgerton is strong and watchable as […] Read More

Lessons from the Exodus

The Exodus journey is the central story of the Old Testament. This ancient adventure teaches us many relevant lessons about walking with God in the postmodern era. After Moses overcame his personal reluctance to accept God’s call, God inflicted a series of plagues on the ancient Egyptians even as Moses began a diplomatic series of […] Read More