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In the last three or four years, we have heard more and more about American exceptionalism. Loosely defined, exceptionalism is the belief that America is the most free, most prosperous, most powerful nation in the world with a God-given mission to export democratic institutions and ideas abroad. Woodrow Wilson talked of making the world safe […] Read More

For the last few weeks, I have been teaching a class at the IndonesianConsortiumforReligiousStudies as a Fulbright scholar on the Gadjah Mada University campus. The vast majority of my class is Muslim. The class I am leading is on the discipline of post-colonialism, specifically the impact of the Christian missionary venture upon the people.  For the […] Read More

There are times when our technology advances faster than our ability to contemplate the ethical use or misuse of the latest gadget. When we fail to seriously consider the ethical ramifications of employing new hardware, especially when it is military hardware, we run the risk of setting a precedent that may very well create a […] Read More