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European Union

Implementing Brexit illustrates what happens when we give in to populists’ fears about the world and reject global community and cooperation. Even Jesus eschewed the isolationists of his day and embraced a global vision. […] Read More

An estimated 113 million people were food insecure and experienced hunger in 2018, a report found. The two leading causes were conflict and climate change. […] Read More

A group of refugees from religious persecution in England made their way to The Netherlands in 1609 and found a welcome in what was then a more tolerant society in Amsterdam. As Separatists from the English state church, they brought with them their own convictions of what a church faithful to Jesus Christ should look […] Read More

The global migrant-refugee crisis has been exacerbated by restrictive European Union (EU) policies that have made migration an increasingly perilous and dangerous endeavor, according to a Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) report. The report, “Obstacle Course to Europe: A Policy-made Humanitarian Crisis at EU Borders,” was released last week and is based on interviews […] Read More

Some call it a modern-day Greek tragedy; others refer to it as the new normal for the country of Greece. Because my wife, Janice, and I moved to Athens, Greece, in 2005 and lived there for more than nine years and have many friends affected by it, we call it the number-one item in our […] Read More

When was the word “austerity” first used as a politico-economic term for the approach to dealing with the post-2008 banking crisis? My friend who asked me this always raises the kind of questions which act as warning lights about justice and injustice as well as economic power and its capacity to hide behind the rhetoric […] Read More

Had it not been for the underlying prejudices, the scene on New Year’s Day 2014 was almost comical. A young man found himself “mobbed” in the arrivals section of London’s Heathrow airport. With a mixture of indifference and bewilderment, he shrugged off the attention of a frenzied media, explaining he had “just come to work.” […] Read More

Church leaders have urged European politicians to make firm commitments on climate change policy. Speaking before a significant European Union summit meeting last week, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church called on the EU to make drastic emissions cuts by 2020 and to fund technological and social […] Read More

As members of a minority church strongly involved in the struggle for human dignity, freedom of conscience, justice and peace, Baptists in Italy read the European Union’s constitution treaty with a strong “Amen!”–particularly the charter of fundamental rights. This is more a spontaneous expression of than a rational affirmation of  political principles. But what is […] Read More

The European Union’s newly composed constitution won’t mention God, despite several member countries’ efforts for the contrary. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, president of the convention on the future of Europe, unveiled the EU constitution’s first 15 draft articles Feb. 6. The articles include statements of respect for member countries’ national identity, for human rights, and commitments […] Read More