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Demography, “the science of vital and social statistics,” can help trend-spotters discern and explain many trends in American religion. A rule of concerned participants in religious groups where trends are more often “downward-” than “upward-“pointing is: knowledge of demographic trends can help explain, but it cannot excuse, those who are coping or trying to cope […] Read More

I love a good story. As children, we grow up with stories. We love to tell stories and hear stories. When I was a little girl, I would love to hear stories from adults. It really didn’t matter whether they were telling me a fictional, nonfictional, tall tale, exaggerated or truthful story. I just loved […] Read More

Editor’s note: asked Miguel de la Torre, editor of the new Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Religion, to offer readers his perspective on why the journal is necessary. Religion scholars of color have an epistemological privilege concerning reality unavailable to those who have no need to know what is occurring within disenfranchised communities. Not […] Read More