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Ethics Luncheon

When the first documentary preview of “Genocide 66” ended, a former Southern Baptist missionary to West Africa, Steve Seaberry, said to a luncheon colleague that he had never heard the story. The untold story – to which he referred – was the story of what missionaries did in northern Nigeria in 1966 amid several days […] Read More

Ethics luncheon attendees will get an early preview of a new documentary – an untold story – about missionaries during a time of genocide in Nigeria in 1966. Based on interviews with missionaries and missionary children who witnessed the atrocities, hundreds of unpublished photographs and scores of long-forgotten documents, the documentary pieces together what is […] Read More

Vernon Pittman witnessed grandfathers, fathers and sons go to prison during his three decades as a Texas correctional officer. Having retired as a prison warden, Pittman has set up a scholarship foundation for the offspring of inmates. “I started a scholarship foundation that offers college scholarships to the children and grandchildren of offenders as well […] Read More