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Power dynamics exist throughout society, even within our churches. How do you use the power you have? How do you assess the character and fitness of those holding positions of power in society? Esther has some answers for us. […] Read More

Remember the book of Esther from Sunday school? The boys yawned and waited for the lesson on Daniel, but the girls loved the beautiful queen, an exemplary heroine who saved her people. Victims become victors in Esther. However, there is much more in the book of Esther, whose story created the Jewish festival of Purim […] Read More

A Match Made in Heaven?

If you are married, it’s not likely that you came together like Aaron and Helene or King Xerxes and Queen Esther, but I bet many of you still marvel at the events that led to your marriage, prompting you to believe that you are “a match made in heaven.” The show began a couple of […] Read More