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Denial of climate change is an article of faith in the Tea Party, according to a New York Times news story.   The news report cited a New York Times/CBS News Poll that found that only 14 percent of Tea Party adherents think global warming is a problem, compared to 49 percent of the rest […] Read More

The river of Jesus’ baptism now flows with human sewage.   Who would have imagined that one of the world’s most holy rivers, a river referenced in the Bible and revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims, would be so defiled that an environmental group would call in July for a halt to baptisms there for […] Read More

I am a born-again vegan, obnoxiously trying to convert everyone to my lifestyle. My own conversion was a response to social ethics. At the start of this year, my wife and I became vegans – that is, we do not eat any animal or animal product, such as dairy.   Why become a vegan? Basically, […] Read More

A five-day environmental meeting at Prague’s International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) made the connection between global warming and meat consumption.   According to the European Baptist Press (EBP) service, 85 delegates from 23 countries attended the eighth congress of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), a wing of the Conference of European Churches. The theme […] Read More

Soviet-styled communism and the Baptist church shared a common denominator a number of years ago – even though the former represented an atheistic system and the latter reflected a theistic commitment. While many might think Marxism and Baptist Christianity were at odds, they actually were in agreement. Neither approach cared about the environment.   Helle […] Read More

The White House and U.S. Senate lost their moral courage and missed a “fullness of time” moment, failing to pass needed climate change legislation.   What better time to address global warming? Americans have experienced the hottest six months in recorded history and seen record flooding. We are witnessing a catastrophic oil spill in the […] Read More

Charlie Pearl, staff writer for the Frankfort State Journal, recently interviewed Wendell Berry in the aftermath of Berry’s decision to move many of his personal papers, which measure 60 cubic feet in volume, from the University of Kentucky archives.   Berry, who is known for his passion for the land and for environmental issues, made […] Read More

Global warming deniers have had a bad couple of weeks on the truth versus falsehood front, the line between what is and their wishful fantasies. Scientists have thumped the deniers who cling to their beliefs – beliefs in the ideology of laissez-faire capitalism and the theology of literalism.   The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […] Read More

A month after the Nashville flood, family members and others called off the search for the final flood victim, a young man who had a tattoo of Jesus on his back. He was one of 30 Tennesseans killed when the rainstorm did not stop for two days and the water ran high and swift.   […] Read More

A prominent Bangladesh Baptist has urged everyone in the west to take responsibility for their actions in contributing to climate change – because its effects are already being felt around the world.   Joyanta Adhikari, president of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha (Society), said his country has been reeling from shorter winters, more intensive flooding […] Read More