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I have made the case over the years that ministers and churches must cultivate a spirit of and appreciation for entrepreneurship if they are to thrive in the 21st century. Living in a post-church and post-Christian culture requires us to become innovative and creative as we seek to make the truth of the gospel relevant […] Read More

As readers of my columns have observed, I believe that ministry entrepreneurs are serving a significant role in Kingdom work today and will continue to do so in the future.  I have had the chance to meet such creative people and to learn from them. These gifted men and women have cast many of the old […] Read More

Throughout Christian history, individuals have discovered unmet needs and stepped forward to create new strategies to meet those needs. Such efforts have given birth to monastic orders, mission boards, parachurch ministries and benevolence ministries that often stand alongside the church to reach and minister to human need.  In his blog, Lou Dubois notes that the […] Read More

Twelve years ago next week, I began the riskiest and most rewarding journey of my vocational life. I resigned a paying position to start an organization with virtually no funds among a conflicted people who felt dispossessed, lacked a sense of trust and read from different road maps. We sold our house, moved into a […] Read More