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The older my daughter gets, the more I start to think about her education – the formal kind, at least. When it’s time, what kind of school will she go to? What should I look for in a school? How will what she learns in elementary school impact the kind of person she’s becoming given […] Read More

I am a terrible salesperson. When I believe in an organization, I readily participate in it and support it, share its value with others and ask them to support it as well, but I am not naturally inclined to push people to buy or invest in something. An entrepreneur must be able to do this […] Read More

(RNS) Entrepreneurs behave just like most Americans when it comes to religion—but with one spiritual twist. They’re significantly more likely to pray several times a day or to meditate, said sociologist Kevin Dougherty, a co-author of the Baylor Religion Survey that was released Tuesday (Sept. 20). The survey can’t answer whether prayerful, peaceful folks are […] Read More

The founding vision of a corporation is not easy to sustain, especially unto the third and fourth generation. Take, for example, the Norstan Corporation. Thirty-two years ago, Paul Baszucki and Sid Cohen gathered resources and ambitions in a garage and launched a business that now employs 1,400 people and serves 18,000 customers. A key to […] Read More