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End of Life

A recent Pew Research Center survey provides a glimpse into changing perceptions on end-of-life issues in the U.S. In 2013, 66 percent of U.S. adults agreed that there were circumstances in which a patient should be allowed to die while 31 percent said medical professionals should do everything possible to keep a patient alive. “The […] Read More

Most likely, Karen Ann Quinlin, Nancy Cruzan and Terri Schiavo assumed they would survive their parents and never gave sustained thought to the alternative. Yet after 22-year-old Quinlin fell into a “permanent coma;” after 24-year-old Cruzan was involved in a motor vehicle accident and resuscitated into a persistent vegetative state; and after 26-year-old Schiavo suffered […] Read More

Do you remember having that talk with your parents, that uncomfortable talk about our shared biology? Have you had that awkward talk with your own child, that halting communication that acknowledges a coming of age? You know that talk, the one that renders normally articulate adults into fountains of washed-out euphemisms when what is called […] Read More

The tragic circumstances surrounding Terri Schiavo have produced much conversation about the sanctity of life. Politicians, protestors, and legislators used religious language in their arguments to save Terri. In spite of the fact that the tubes and fluids were providing “artificial” life for her, the removal of this artificial sustenance was denounced as a sinful […] Read More

The Florida judge who presided over the Terri Schiavo case received a special award from a local legal association Thursday, prompting more controversy in a legal battle that brought him national attention and criticism from the religious right. The West Pasco Bar Association gave Judge George Greer its Special Service Award at a banquet honoring […] Read More

The Terri Schiavo case proves that conservative Christians pushing for Federal Marriage Amendment are actually anti-marriage, according to an investigative report on a pro-polygamy Web site. Mark Henkel, founder of, a non-Mormon organization that believes the Bible doesn’t prohibit having more than one wife, wrote a 10,000-word essay arguing that the Schiavo case should […] Read More

Unless you have been on silent retreat in another world this past month, you have experienced the media overload surrounding the tragic case of Terri Schiavo. As a pastor, I feel grief for a family whose internal conflict over the decision of when to say good-bye to a loved one accelerated into a national death […] Read More

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, the driving force behind an effort in Congress to intervene in a Florida right-to-die dispute, faced a similar decision 16 years ago when his father was diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state following an accident at his home. The Los Angeles Times on Sunday reported that the family decided not […] Read More

The judge at the center of a Florida right-to-die dispute is a Southern Baptist and conservative Republican, whose vilification by pro-life groups has affected his relationship with his church, according to a newspaper profile. The St. Petersburg Times portrayed Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George W. Greer–who has ruled that Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube can be removed, […] Read More

The founder of an anti-abortion group is rallying support for efforts to prevent removal of a feeding tube that would end a brain-damaged Florida woman’s life by urging public pressure on a Southern Baptist judge who has handled most of the legal matters in her case. Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry described “several points of […] Read More