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Emmanuel McCall

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) adopted the “Statement on the Crisis in the Nation” in June 1968. This action was championed by state and national denominational SBC leaders. It called on the churches and people of the SBC to repent of past racism and pledge to go forward in improving race relations. Five SBC auxiliaries […] Read More

It is well known that Martin Luther King Jr. had a brilliant mind, especially about spiritual and theological matters. That influence was stimulated by his father, grandfather, uncles and the preachers of stature that he met – especially Benjamin E. Mays and William Holmes Borders. The last two names epitomized the best in both intellect […] Read More

I came to the Home Mission Board staff of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in July 1968. In the previous month, at its annual meeting, the SBC passed a “Statement On The Crises in Our Nation.” SBC agencies were charged with implementing its recommendations. The Home Mission Board (HMB), Christian Life Commission (CLC), Woman’s Missionary […] Read More

Martin Luther King Jr. appeared on the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary campus in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 19, 1961, having been invited by Henlee Barnette and several other professors to deliver the prestigious Julius Brown Gay lectures. King’s SBTS visit and lecture came near the center point of his involvement in the civil rights movement […] Read More

Emmanuel McCall is the interim pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta and a former Baptist Center for Ethics board member. Emmanuel was an interviewee in’s documentary, “Beneath the Skin: Baptists and Racism,” and was named Baptist of the Year by in 2009. 1. Where did you grow up? In the farm community […] Read More

Emmanuel McCall is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2009. Few Baptists have worked more constructively over a longer period of time inside the white Baptist power structure to advance racial reconciliation than McCall. He has done so with a gritty determination and an undeniable dignity. Many a good man would have understandably […] Read More

This week in Washington, Emmanuel McCall will become the first African-American to preside over the General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Being first is nothing new for McCall, 71, a pioneer in black-church relations among Baptists in the South, but he says it does signify that “CBF is open to all who willingly identify […] Read More