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Pastors can be trusting souls, which makes them an easy mark for con men. If you receive an offer that seems too good to be true, remember the biblical command to be shrewd as snakes yet innocent as doves. […] Read More

In 24/7-always-on work culture, it’s hard to find time to break away from work and rest. How do we make time for a true break from our labor? The Puritans put it in perspective. […] Read More

Like everyone else, I daily receive forwarded e-mail messages from friends and acquaintances. Whenever it says at the bottom, “Pass this along to 10 of your friends and keep this message alive,” I immediately determine I will not pass it along, no matter what the threat may be in ignoring the warning. In the midst […] Read More

The family from which I come and that into which I married both tend toward Christian conservatism in all matters religious and political. Since “9/11”, our differences ideologically have emerged most noticeably in exchanges of e-mail. Mostly these have remained civil between conservative-to-fundamentalist family members and those of us less so. Usually our e-mail dialogues […] Read More

In the latest twist on an urban legend that will not die, an e-mail message is making the rounds purporting to be a warning from Focus on the Family’s James Dobson about a supposed attempt to ban religious broadcasting from America’s airwaves. The Focus on the Family Web site declares the e-mail “absolutely false,” which […] Read More

Retired attorney Bob Broxton believed e-mail could be about more than technology. He believed it could also be about God’s word. That’s why he created ScriptureMail. The new business allows people to create e-mail addresses named after favorite Bible verses. For example, Broxton’s own e-mail address is Additionally, his business lets organizations use ScriptureMail […] Read More

I have grown accustomed to these Internet parables, though I rarely use them in my preaching. But these good luck messages still bother me, especially when they come from church members. As a pastor I wonder how to respond. As a pastor, I am called to a particular congregation and to love and lead a […] Read More