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Elijah Brown

With 815 million hungry neighbors, including 21 million Baptists, living in food-deficit countries, Christians must continue to collaborate together. Even small gifts have tremendous impact. […] Read More

Emergency. That was the word Alberto Mamani, president of the Bolivian Baptist Union, used to describe what was beginning to unfold in Bolivia. Early last month, as part of broader legislation meant to address human trafficking, Article 88, Paragraph 11, of the new penal code in Bolivia raised the possibility that inviting and helping facilitate […] Read More

Sudan and Yemen are most at risk for state-led mass atrocities, according to the Early Warning Project’s (EWP’s) annual analysis released on April 12. Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria and Afghanistan are also among the countries most at risk. EWP is a joint project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and Dartmouth College, which is […] Read More

Genocide continues to rumble forward in Darfur. Despite the fact that these grisly atrocities were the first in the history of the United States to be recognized as genocide while they were unfolding, today powers around the world are turning a blind eye and rolling back sanctions. Darfur, the first declared genocide of the 21st […] Read More

I met recently with Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are receiving help from Nabil Costa and the Lebanese Society of Educational and Societal Development. My trip was part of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative’s support of education among the oppressed. Currently, more than 200,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon have no access to education. One […] Read More

Baptist and Christian leaders have urged Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to reconsider language in Nepal’s proposed constitution that would make evangelism illegal. Section 31(3) of the proposed constitution reads: “No one shall behave, act or undertake activities that breach public order or break public peace/peace in the community; and no one shall attempt to […] Read More

Sin festers in the darkness. The same is often true in the politics of oppression. Genocide, a term first used in 1944 to describe the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group, breeds in the shadows. Torture, rape and whole scale destruction prevails where impunity abounds and information is suppressed. All […] Read More

Religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq are living at the edge of extinction. They are marginalized and under threat from the genocidal actions of the Islamic State in Iraq, resulting in the purging of religious and ethnic minorities from their historic homes. If immediate action is not taken, the existence of religious and ethnic minority […] Read More

As you reflect on the Christmas story, do you celebrate and affirm its connection to Africa and refugees? Each semester in my “Introduction to the New Testament” course, I ask students to retell the Christmas story. Working together, students generally note many of the more commonly known elements: the inn and its lack of room, […] Read More

Elijah Brown is the director of the Freedom Center and associate professor of missions at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas, where he also serves as a faculty in residence. Elijah’s articles that have appeared on are available here, and his Skype interview is available here. 1. Where did you grow up? I […] Read More