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The Constitution prohibits religious tests for public office, but a candidate’s religion is still a significant factor in US voting patterns, a report said. About one-third said they would not vote for Muslims or atheists. […] Read More

What do you do when elections don’t go your way? You can stomp around in a huff, complaining about fairness and how the campaign was fought. Or consider these suggestions to continue to have hope and constructively engage as citizens. […] Read More

Joshua challenged the people of Israel to choose whom they would serve. As millions of us cast our votes today, we face a similar decision. Will we settle for the gods of fear and privilege? […] Read More

With midterm elections less than a week away, it’s imperative that you make the time to vote. It’s your privilege and your responsibility. Here are 5 questions to ask about your candidates as you enter the voting booth. […] Read More

I’ve listened. I’ve read. I’ve watched. I’ve prayed. I’ve engaged in conversation. And I’ve heard enough. Before the first votes are cast in Iowa this evening, I want everyone to know where I stand. So I’m ready to make my endorsement for the 2016 election. Just kidding. Well, kidding about the endorsement part, but not […] Read More

Do you remember the first day of college and the anxiety of sitting in a classroom with a new professor, new classmates and a syllabus that seemed impossible to accomplish in 16 weeks? The excitement, anticipation and fear of the moment were almost overwhelming, especially after the fourth or fifth class. Welcome to 2016! The […] Read More

Thirteen days (at press time) until the Iowa caucuses when the question everyone is asking in coffeehouses, churches and civic clubs will be answered: Who will win Iowa? Embedded in the question for Christians is: What will it mean for the future of American Christianity? On Feb. 1, Republican and Democratic voters in the rural […] Read More

The tragedy of the Mediterranean migrants became a political character attack in the United Kingdom recently. It appears that the pursuit of power in this country has become a dirty, corrupting, frantic ego-fest, driven by the greed of vested interests, divisive fear-mongering, and the dissolution of public trust in any of the political parties because […] Read More

I grew up at a time when the “large stones” were firmly in place (the biblical reference here is Jesus and his crew leaving the temple and the disciples being awed by what they saw around them; see Mark 13:1). Although born in the year the United States entered World War II, my first memories […] Read More

Through the years this Sightings column has never commented on presidential campaigns, and the contest held this year is no exception. Today, self-liberated from the practice of opting-out, we can survey the comments on “public religion” in the campaign and election just past. We usually footnote these columns with reference to newspaper and Internet coverage […] Read More