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El Salvador

I looked around at my surroundings in this remote corner of El Salvador and was in pure delight as I saw the Salvadoran mountains with Honduras in the distance. Faraway volcanoes etched the skyline as a nearby tree made a nice frame for the picture I was trying to take through a barbed-wire fence. That […] Read More

There is no substitute for a personal encounter with someone who is suffering due to the inhospitable laws and procedures meant to discourage people from seeking asylum here in the U.S. Here is one such story that deserves attention. A Salvadoran named Maria (for her safety, her real name is not revealed) migrated to California […] Read More

Our Mission Immersion Experience group through the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond was well aware of the immigration conversation in our country and its impact on our immigrant friends and neighbors. What we weren’t aware of was how decisions to leave one’s home in El Salvador for safety and economic opportunity abroad could devastate those […] Read More

How often do we see people at traffic lights and are tempted either to help them or to donate something? Do you remember donating 50 cents to someone recently? What can 50 cents do? A town I visited recently has almost no traffic lights. It is a very small town, yet the people there have […] Read More

El Mozote is hidden in the countryside of El Salvador. In 1981, this small village became the site of a horrific massacre. As a tactical move by the army during the country’s civil war, approximately 1,000 innocent village residents were slaughtered. Thirty-six years later, I visited El Mozote with my Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond […] Read More

A Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond trip to El Salvador coincided with the Trump administration’s Jan. 9 decision to end temporary protected status for 200,000 Salvadorans. The decision seemingly led up to the intolerable behavior of our elected leader’s sideways comment on Jan. 11 concerning immigrants from which he deemed to be “shithole countries,” stating […] Read More

A recent Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond’s Mission Immersion Experience to El Salvador brought to light an issue that I had given little thought to – internally displaced persons (IDPs) within the country of El Salvador itself. While we were there, the announcement was made that the U.S. was ending temporary protected status for Salvadorans […] Read More

A Salvadoran immigrant whom I’ll call Marcos caused me to dig deeper in order to understand his home country. Since then, I’ve studied the history of El Salvador and I’ve now visited there twice. I’ve made Salvadoran friends both in the U.S. and in El Salvador. It’s fairly easy for non-immigrant Americans to look at […] Read More

Edgar Palacios of El Salvador received the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Denton and Janice Lotz Human Rights Award during a meeting of the General Council in Chile on July 6. The council forms part of the BWA annual gathering that was held from July 2-7 in Santiago. Palacios was hailed as a pastor and leader, […] Read More

Various religious leaders in El Salvador have come out against the reading of the Bible in schools. The recently approved law was established to prevent violence and diminish the influence of gangs that plague this Central American nation. Religious leaders, however, warned that the measure could bring about religious conflict and division between churches. Who […] Read More