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Teachers understand good teaching is about trust. You have to build relationships with students to engage the learning process. Building that trust becomes even more challenging when a global pandemic requires you to teach online. […] Read More

The global coronavirus pandemic has taken all our normal lives and turned them backwards on themselves. However, we can be in solidarity in a small way with people who have already have their lives turned upside down. […] Read More

Although nationwide revenues and expenses for public education in the US are on a four-year upward trend, several teachers and education experts said more must be done to invest in our nation’s children. […] Read More

Even though the humanities are undervalued in higher education, they remain at least one bulwark against the bulldozer of utilitarian ruthlessness. A human life well lived is one that enriches humanity – our own and others. […] Read More

We are responsible for each other, including homeless people. Children understand we should love and care for homeless kids and families and provide them with housing, clothing, medical care and education. Do adults understand too? […] Read More

The level of education a student attains is one of the most ‘powerful predictors’ of life expectancy, a report found. Educational opportunity contributed to 6% of the difference in life expectancy between neighborhoods. […] Read More

The states with the highest high school dropout rates, with one exception, are located in the southern and western U.S., a report revealed. Louisiana had the highest dropout rate at 9.6%. […] Read More

About one out of five student loans, roughly 8.6 million, offered through U.S. government programs are in default, a report said, with students at for-profit schools generally defaulting at higher rates than others. […] Read More

Setting aside the partisan divide over the impeachment inquiry, we must examine a larger question: How is our constitutional framework handling the stress? Is our governmental system breaking down or holding up? Here are 4 lessons. […] Read More

Tears streaming down her cheeks, the student said her dad had been arrested. As a teacher, what can you do in that moment when you need to be teaching students what they need to know? Then, something astonishing happened. […] Read More