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At the start of her Jubilee year, the Queen of England said to a meeting of faith leaders “the concept of a Jubilee is rooted in the Bible.” She failed to mention that a biblical jubilee has nothing to do with celebrating a monarch’s reign, but was a time when debts were canceled, slaves freed, […] Read More

“It’s the economy, stupid” was Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign slogan in 1992. Economics began as the science of political economy, but now most conventional economists regard the economy as a quasi-autonomous area of human interactions, shaped by trade and technology far more than politics. How refreshing, then, to discover two recent books by Nobel […] Read More

Sustainability has become one of the most important issues in our time, and in a hundred years, it may be the single most important issue. We have heard that if we do not sustain our resources, we are on the road to destruction. On this issue, Winona LaDuke, a noted activist, author and founder and […] Read More

In response to the crushing economic crisis in Greece, I have been working to improve my greatly underutilized capacity to empathize with my Greek and Albanian friends. As I have turned up the volume on my faulty hearing and labored to hone my otherwise distracted powers of observation, I have gained a fresh appreciation for […] Read More

It’s just speculation, but you have to wonder whether the disciples of Jesus thought he was heading in the wrong direction. That’s when Jesus decided to head west and a little north to the region of Tyre. Not that the disciples took exception to why Jesus was changing venues. They all needed a break. Earlier […] Read More

Africa has been hit hard by the Euro crisis, but will only lift itself out of poverty when the continent begins to live God’s way. This was the message in the keynote address to the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) in Uganda. The forum is run by the Bible Society for leaders from the world […] Read More

It is often said that Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject. From his statements about wealth and possessions, to his parables about agriculture and land, to his calling his followers to invest in treasures in heaven, Jesus’ teachings are replete with the theme of wealth and possessions.  We might say […] Read More

A significant segment of the economic and political leadership on both sides of the Atlantic appears to be oblivious to the point (or points) Jesus was making about planting mustard seeds. It’s that familiar parable of Jesus that draws on the wisdom of farmers over the eons: that when the ground is bare it’s time […] Read More

In 1623, just eight years before his own death, the English metaphysical poet John Donne wrote several works that were published under the not-so-spiffy marketing title, “Devotions upon Emergent Occasions.” While few of us can recall most of what Donne wrote, most of us are familiar with a few of his lines. We may remember […] Read More

It’s hard to be a bright-eyed, ambitious college student when everywhere you look, people are shouting that the sky is falling. With constant concern over the unemployment rate and the economy, it seems degrees don’t guarantee the middle-class life that they once could – not even in theology and faith-based majors. At Belmont University in […] Read More