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A forest fire seems to be a picture of destruction, but unseen seeds are being planted for new life to spring up. So too must the church allow the divine fires to consume our old ways in order for God’s new seeds to be planted. […] Read More

In a world full of global crises, worrying about the plight of insects seems insignificant. But think about this: As we decimate insect populations, we are literally unraveling the global ecosystem from the bottom up. […] Read More

The basic premise of ecology is that everything is connected. The very definition of ecology embodies this truth: the word ecology comes from two parts – “eco” from the Greek “oikos” for “household,” and “logia” for “the study of.” Anyone who has grown up in a household understands that it is a complicated web of […] Read More

“Poverty is the worst environmental pollution,” said Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India at the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972. Since then her statement has been quoted and interpreted by many. What did she mean? Did she mean that the poor are to be blamed in flooding the earth with […] Read More

Recently, I awoke to flashes of lightning, deep rolling thunder and rain hitting my window. As I lay in bed contemplating whether to check the weather on television, I thought this is nothing but a mild summer thunderstorm rolling through the city. However, after this last spring in Oklahoma, I could not get out of bed […] Read More

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s book “Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit.” Another excerpt appeared previously. Contrary to our personal belief, it appears that money has little effect on happiness. Rather, conspicuous consumption is causing stress on humankind and on nature. It is causing imbalances that amount to injustice. […] Read More

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s book “Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit.” We live in a global economy where we affect people in poor lands as directly as we affect the poor within our own country, and we are unaware of our culpability. Decent, fair-minded persons like us benefit […] Read More

If I were to preach a sermon on the environment, here are several texts I would use and the sermonic moves I would make. I would begin with Psalm 24:1 that acknowledges, “The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it; the world and all who live in it.” From the very beginning of the […] Read More

Sustainability is a word that has been so abused it has almost lost all meaning. Like “green,” “organic,” “natural” or “eco-,” sustainable is appended to many terms – “sustainable growth,” “sustainable development,” “sustainable design,” “sustainable travel” or even “sustainable style.” This is unfortunate, as this word is desperately needed if we hope to have a […] Read More