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Dwight Moody

“Leave God … out of discussion about Haiti” stated the second-page headline in Kathleen Parker’s syndicated column. She was reacting, of course, to public comments by TV evangelist Pat Robertson, who connected the earthquake in Haiti to the wrath of God and the curse of Satan. Both of these comments leave unsaid the proper role […] Read More

Much of the resistance to any reform of the health care system in America is fueled by virulent attacks upon the government. Angry people, often shouting into radio microphones, accuse the government of being unable to provide services, administer programs or manage money. There is a not-so-subtle message that government is, in fact, the enemy […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the fifth and final column in a series.   On Election Day—Nov. 4—I drove to Wilmore, Ky., to hear Shane Claiborne speak in the chapel of Asbury Seminary. Shane is the young man, now living in the Philadelphia area, who wrote the best-selling book “Jesus for President.” I read it, liked […] Read More

Preaching is transformational: in the life of an individual, a congregation, a community, even a nation. After all, the most effective public person of the last 50 years was a Baptist preacher from Alabama. February now boasts a holiday in his memory. Which is why I plan to host a Festival of Young Preachers. When […] Read More

I am recruiting 15-18 young people, students in high school, college, university or seminary who will serve on a Young Preachers Leadership Team. We will gather for a retreat in January, convene for a week-long Preaching Camp in June, and host the first Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville in January 2010. The Lilly Endowment […] Read More

There has been significant erosion in the conviction that preaching is a vocation of significance, that it is an avenue of influence in the world. So, intelligent, talented and passionate young people are turning away from preaching toward careers as worship artists, public policy wonks and NGO officials. During my days as dean of the […] Read More

I never took a class in preaching; I don’t remember anyone talking to me about preaching; I am sure I did not read anything about preaching. Given this, it is a wonder that anybody had the grit to sit through one of my so-called sermons. If you are like me that could happen at the […] Read More

China has a long way to go ”economically, politically and morally ”before it is able to celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But the matter once again brings attention to China as a major violator of basic human rights. Jane Deren, senior advisor to the Roman Catholic Center for Concern in […] Read More

It was the religious people who first injected the language of battlefield into the civic debate. They did so, first, in religious struggles, as Baptists in the South can attest. The struggle to dominate was not simply among brothers who disagreed on this or that; it was the forces of good against the forces of […] Read More

I feel it in my bones. Now that the economists, the stock brokers and the bankers are losing fortunes and losing faith we are all paying attention. Not to the things we normally do in the most pleasant month of the year: baseball playoffs and political campaigns and weekend football. We are all paying attention […] Read More