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In response to a devastating heat wave in Oklahoma, Gov. Mary Fallin has asked citizens of the state to pray for rain. “I encourage Oklahomans of all faiths to join me this Sunday in offering prayer for rain,” according to a story. “For the safety of our firefighters and our communities and the well-being […] Read More

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is using her bully pulpit to call Oklahomans to prayforrain. More than 40 percent of Oklahoma is experiencing anexceptionaldrought, the most severe category measured by climatologists. Currently, 58 percent of Oklahoma is facing either an extreme or an exceptional drought. Meanwhile, a record-setting heat wave continues throughout the state with no […] Read More

JERUSALEM (RNS) Experiencing the warmest, driest November on record, residents of the Holy Land are calling on a higher power to bring rain to this parched region. While winter traditionally arrives late here, the almost total lack of rainfall is threatening crops and the underground aquifers that provide fresh water. If the drought continues, it […] Read More

MOSCOW (RNS/ENInews) The Russian Orthodox Church is praying for relief from the heat and drought that has gripped Russia for two months, as one archbishop condemned some retailers for profiteering from the extreme weather conditions. That air conditioners sell for 50,000 rubles ($1,650) instead of 10,000, when people are dying of the heat is immoral […] Read More

On April 20 The Sydney Morning Herald reported the Australian prime minister’s call to pray for rain in response to the dire state of the Murray-Darling Basin. This call was endorsed in a media release by Ross Clifford, president of the Baptist Union of Australia. Among other things, Clifford encouraged church leaders around Australia to […] Read More

Drought and Blessing

Recent showers will make it possible for us to mow the yard again this weekend. And the hayfield out by the county hospital has been cut for the second crop of hay this summer. Usually, a third cutting has already been bailed and put in the barn. It will not produce at its normal level. […] Read More

As many Americans prepare for their annual Thanksgiving feast, people in Southern Africa are digging in the dirt to find roots and plucking leaves from trees to feed their children. Baptist World Aid Director <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Paul Montacute heard many horror stories on his recent trip to Southern Africa.<?xml:namespace prefix […] Read More