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Domestic Violence

Anybody who has ever had two or more children consuming food at the same time knows that such moments constitute a recipe for family disaster. Picture a pizza. Picture two kids. Picture one knife. Who will cut? That is the question! Let us assume that the chief justice of the United States is busy elsewhere. […] Read More

Domestic violence is a reality that many people do not like to talk about or even know about. But the reality is that all of our communities have people who live in abusive homes and experience physical and sexual violence at the hands of a spouse or dating partner. Many of those victims suffer in […] Read More

Does the Bible specifically address domestic violence? If the number of sermons or Bible studies you have heard directly discussing this reality were an indicator, what would it suggest about your church’s biblical engagement with this issue? A recent survey revealed that 42 percent of Protestant pastors rarely or never address domestic or sexual violence […] Read More

Most of us seem to live somewhere between Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling!” and Rabbi Gamaliel’s counsel to “wait and see” (Acts 5:33-39) on the theological and spiritual validity of the emerging Christian movement. Some issues seem more urgent than others, at least on the surface. Issues of long standing – disease, radical extremism, […] Read More

Recently, I had the fun of going to Glen Lea Elementary School in Richmond, Va., with the staff from First Baptist Church and surprising the teachers with a show of appreciation. We knocked on classroom doors. When the teacher opened the door, we would burst in and say “Surprise!” We would then tell the class […] Read More

As a Christian theologian, I take the Bible very seriously. This means that I follow certain rules for interpreting how I read the text. One of the most important rules is that I look at the parts, particular verses, within the context of the whole of the chapter, book and rest of Scripture. I mention […] Read More

A new book by a survivor of domestic violence says churches are failing abused women through a combination of bad advice, faulty theology and a Catch-22 where women are told divorce is not an option and yet held in contempt for staying in the situation and tolerating abuse. Author Jocelyn Andersen opens Woman Submit! Christians […] Read More