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Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence occurs in all socioeconomic, ethnic and religious communities, but it’s particularly heinous when Christian communities claiming a high view of the Bible misuse Scripture to promote rather than prevent abuse. […] Read More

Does Calvinism justify domestic violence and abuse? One critic of Calvinism says no serious Calvinist would support such reasoning on the basis of their theology. […] Read More

Anybody who has ever had two or more children consuming food at the same time knows that such moments constitute a recipe for family disaster. Picture a pizza. Picture two kids. Picture one knife. Who will cut? That is the question! Let us assume that the chief justice of the United States is busy elsewhere. […] Read More

While domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic, ethnic and religious communities, there is something particularly heinous about its occurrence in Christian communities that claim a high view of the Bible. One reason for this is the misuse of the Bible as an instrument for promoting rather than preventing the abuse. One of the tools the […] Read More

A new book by a survivor of domestic violence says churches are failing abused women through a combination of bad advice, faulty theology and a Catch-22 where women are told divorce is not an option and yet held in contempt for staying in the situation and tolerating abuse. Author Jocelyn Andersen opens Woman Submit! Christians […] Read More

Bad theology concerning the roles of men and women may contribute to domestic abuse, says a new study by the Church of England. “Domestic abuse is not simply an isolated series of events between a perpetrator and a victim but reflects the wider factors influencing their relationship,” says a lengthy report titled Responding to Domestic […] Read More

I recently toured a domestic violence shelter. The facility is a secure site, and visitors are required to sign confidentiality agreements, pledging not to reveal the location or anything about the victims of domestic violence who stay there. Estimates vary, but one national study found that 50 percent of homeless women and children are fleeing […] Read More