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It’s been a fast-paced 2018 for EthicsDaily, filled with extensive travel, new partnerships, launch of a new website, expanded readership and columnists and a shift to short-form documentaries. […] Read More

Looking back on’s 2018 is an exercise in gratefulness. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite moments and experiences in the life of EthicsDaily. […] Read More

Announced by Baptist Women in Ministry and this summer, the first short documentary in a series on women in ministry will be available to stream online for free in mid-November. […] Read More

Imam Imad Enchassi survived a massacre led by Christian extremists in Beirut in 1982. A new short documentary from tells how mercy shaped the Oklahoma imam’s life. […] Read More

The board of directors met in San Antonio, Texas, last week for our annual board meeting. The meeting was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the future. While the board conducted important business, the most exciting news came when the board affirmed a new guiding vision for’s future. The “E3 Initiative” is built […] Read More

Three interfaith and social justice documentaries produced by a Nashville-based nonprofit will air in the Atlanta-area market in early 2012. AtlantaInterfaithBroadcasters, which offers 24/7 programming in the 19-county metropolitan Atlanta area, will begin airing in January 2012 three documentaries produced by, an imprint of the Baptist Center for Ethics. BCE and AIB began a […] Read More

(RNS) A new documentary follows three Muslim children as they travel to Egypt to compete in a tournament that requires young contestants to recite whole passages of the Quran, Islam’s 600-page holy book, from memory. Each year during Ramadan—a Muslim holy month when believers fast, pray and read from the Quran—100 students from more than […] Read More

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns spoke with passion, wit and intelligence Tuesday night, calling on audience members, as Abraham Lincoln did in 1861, to listen to “the better angels of our nature.” “We are still stitched together by words and most importantly, by their dangerous progeny—ideas,” Ken Burns told a packed Massey Performing Arts Center Tuesday […] Read More

Rabbi Rami Shapiro and I are collaborating on a book in progress exploring the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. Our blog, Mount and Mountain, recently passed the 100-post mark. We have completed a first draft of our conversation about the Ten Commandments and are starting to deal with the Sermon on the […] Read More

The chairman of Tennessee’s Democratic Party says it’s time that progressive religious voices stop being drowned out by the Religious Right. “We need to start making our voices heard again,” Gray Sasser, a Nashville attorney elected in January to lead the state’s Democrats, said Thursday at a screening of “Golden Rule Politics,” a DVD produced […] Read More