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Indonesia and the US are diverse countries, both undermined by nationalism. In the US, the insidious lies of Christian nationalists are that God only favors Christians and that those who are not must be converted or sent back home. […] Read More

In a survey assessing five institutions, U.S. adults declared that churches were the least likely to be open to diverse opinions, with less than half saying churches were very or somewhat open. […] Read More

The grounds at Augusta National Golf Club, home to the Masters Tournament, are a rare combination of botanical gardens, nature preserve and golf course. Churches can learn valuable insights from this innovative organization. […] Read More

Dear Public Schools: You are a place where people who look different and think different and act different and believe different can come together every day to be together and learn together and learn to be together. […] Read More

The world witnessed a beautiful example of a truly integrated and diverse worship experience through the wedding of Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan Markle. Each element of the service was beautifully and uniquely balanced between the two cultures of Harry and Meghan. Choirs, musicians, preachers, readers and readings, hairstyles, outfits and guests – all […] Read More

Does justice require inclusion and diversity? The simple answer is “yes” and “no.” However, my emphasis here is going to be on the “no,” simply because I exist in a religious context where that is what needs to be said and heard. Some years ago, my family played a board game called Scruples. The game […] Read More

Missions work. Millennials’ spiritual hunger. Diversity of congregations. These are some of the denomination’s bright lights for Lee B. Spitzer, the new general secretary of American Baptist Churches USA. Spitzer, former executive minister for American Baptist Churches in New Jersey, took office June 1. He spoke with in a new online video interview about […] Read More

The song “Ebony and Ivory” laments that, when played on the instrument of our lives, diversity is not easy. “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony / Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don’t we?” the song’s refrain asks. We must work at it, and our first attempts often are […] Read More

One of the most enriching and fatiguing things about church life these days is the vast diversity within most local congregations. During some recent days of self-reflection and ministry evaluation, I spent some time thinking about why I feel more fatigued these days than I did a few years ago. There are likely many contributing […] Read More

Christianity too often has been divided as a result of failing to emphasize unity amid its various faith expressions. Missiologist Paul Hiebert has offered a positive alternative, sketching out two ways to determine who should be considered a Christian. His concern was the new believer from a non-Christian background who, though desirous to follow Christ, […] Read More