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Adopting “climate-friendly diets” is essential to creating a sustainable future and mitigating the negative impacts of climate change, a UN panel said. One panelist observed the “way we eat is threatening the planet.” […] Read More

The number of 5- to 19-year-olds who are obese will outnumber those who are moderately or severely underweight by 2022 if current trends continue. This projection in a mid-October World Health Organization (WHO)-Imperial College London report caught me off guard. I read the report summary twice to confirm I’d understood correctly. After all, we published […] Read More

According to the Los Angeles Times, scientists are producing meat by in-vitro cell growth, with the prospect that it will replace raising livestock. If it becomes commercially affordable, there will be no greenhouse gases or killing of animals. The Christian consensus before the mass apostasy of AD 249-251 was that no food is religiously forbidden […] Read More

We are a fat nation. Modernity combined with long hours of sitting or reclining while watching TV, playing video games and keeping up with our social media networks are taking a toll on us. Snacking on cheap, addictive, high-calorie foods and a lack of regular exercise are increasing our fat cells and boosting our waist […] Read More

The well-being of American children is improving in many areas, according to a recent report. Infant and childhood death rates are down. There are fewer young people smoking and fewer children exposed to second-hand smoke, according to the government report, America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being 2003. The report also showed that fewer adolescent […] Read More

Females are 100 percent more likely than males to be vegetarians. That is the result of an unscientific survey of the Lofgren Rosell household in Kansas City. Three female family members—a wife and two teenage daughters—all responded yes to the sole survey question: “Are you a vegetarian?” Three male members, including yours truly, are carnivores. […] Read More

Americans eager to slim down might be surprised to learn that those fast-food salads they consume may not be as healthy as they think. A Dallas affiliate of NBC recently put the Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad to the test. When compared to the Big Bacon Classic burger, the salad—topped with Mandarin oranges, roasted almonds, crispy […] Read More

Dieters can now grab lunch on the go without super-sizing their intake of fat and calories at a burger joint. The answer: “fast-casual” restaurants. Eateries like Panera Bread, Au Bon Pain, Baja Fresh and Subway are inching ahead in the battle for fast-food appetites. With nearly 65 percent of adults overweight, these often healthier alternatives […] Read More

Unsuspecting weight watchers may have been duped by nutrition labels at the world’s largest fast-food chain, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest is taking McDonald’s to task. McDonald’s Web site offered nutrition information for a 90-gram ice cream cone, which supposedly had 150 calories and three grams of fat. But CSPI found […] Read More

Fast food restaurants aren’t the only ones to blame for super-sized Americans. New research from the University of North Carolina shows that Americans are eating larger portions at home as well. The research, published in the current Journal of the American Medical Association, looked at such foods as hamburgers, burritos, tacos, French fries, sodas, ice […] Read More