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Dick Cheney

CIA interrogators violated the guidelines for interrogation of supposed terror suspects by threatening suspects with guns and power drills and even suggesting assaulting one suspect’s mother and family, according to recent news reports. Americans were horrified to hear what we might have suspected was happening in “secret prisons” – all under the auspices of obtaining […] Read More

Dick Cheney made more than twice what George Bush did in 2006 and gave half as much as a percentage of income to charity as his boss. President Bush and his wife, Laura, gave over 12 percent to charity, according to information the White House released on Friday about their 2006 tax return. “President and […] Read More

Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged Tuesday that the violence in Iraq is not yet abating, and that the process of handing over security to Iraqi forces has “a long way to go,” according to an NPR report. The befuddling thing about his admission is, in mid-2005 he had declared that the insurgent violence was in […] Read More