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Choosing to be married to a pastor is hard. Many spouses deal with depression. The church needs to come to a fuller understanding of the often unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on ministers and their families. […] Read More

Not all health care plans cover mental health benefits per the Affordable Care Act: grandfathered insurance policies and health care cost-sharing ministries. So why do Christian insurance groups fail to offer mental health care? […] Read More

COVID-19 has altered our routines and reduced our social contact. Add that together with the loss of corporate worship for people of faith, we have a situation that could lead to depression. Here are 9 steps you can take to beat it. […] Read More

More than twice as many pastors struggle with depression compared to the national rate. When churches search for a new pastor, the process can exacerbate and trigger those who are already more prone to depression. […] Read More

The ministry can be lonely. It can become even lonelier when ministers battle emotional and mental illnesses, such as depression. During those times, ministers cannot afford to cut themselves off from those who can help them. […] Read More

In an increasingly stressful environment for ministers, what will it take to help them stay strong and joyful? Two steps will ensure your pastor remains a healthy and spiritually grounded leader. […] Read More

Too many pastors succumb to the pressures of pastoral ministry. Some take their own lives; others engage in self-harming behaviors. The church must recognize its vital role in ministering to the minister. […] Read More

Push notifications might be diminishing your happiness and harming your relationships. This smartphone setting results in a ping or another form of notification whenever you receive an email message, weather update and so on. To be more precise, a Baylor University study on cell phones found that its frequent usage was negatively affecting relationships. “Phubbing,” […] Read More

The suicide deaths of Robin Williams and last year that of Rick Warren’s son has triggered quite a discussion in many Christian circles about depression. Some have been highly critical of Christians who suffer from depression, while others have called for greater understanding and more discussion in churches about the illness. I fall in the […] Read More

I now risk entering the glutted fray of commenting on Robin Williams’ death. There are likely lots of reasons why it hit so many so hard. He was a contemporary of so many of us. He almost always seemed to smile and he brought laughter to so many. Many would say that he “had it […] Read More