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For most of our history, Baptists have supported the goals of Thomas Jefferson’s universal education for all and Horace Mann’s vision of the common school. Yet, some Baptists recently have called for the end of the common school. […] Read More

With the primary elections well underway and this week’s Super Tuesday results behind us, the US presidential election process is in full swing. Check out these 14 tentative conclusions on the US presidential primary process. […] Read More

Be afraid. While fear shouldn’t rule us, we should have reasonable fear of the reasonably possible. Reckless drivers, human-caused climate change or active shooters. And of government leaders turning our democracy into an autocracy. […] Read More

America’s citizens are divided. Some will vote for anyone but Trump. Others will vote for ‘the lesser of two evils.’ We need to talk about who we want to be as Americans. Until then, perhaps we need an interim president. […] Read More

Overcoming and healing social divisions in the US requires all of us. To stop and reverse this social-fragmentation trend, we must hold our leaders to a higher standard that humanizes the basic dignity of those on the other side. […] Read More

The dark cloud of the politics of moneyed power and religious sanction have united in an unholy alliance to transform our collective consciousness into a tolerance of the dominance of our lesser angels. But there’s a silver lining. […] Read More

Setting aside the partisan divide over the impeachment inquiry, we must examine a larger question: How is our constitutional framework handling the stress? Is our governmental system breaking down or holding up? Here are 4 lessons. […] Read More

The divine right of kings is being repackaged today by politicians attempting to advocate for God’s endorsement upon their policies and candidates. However, proclaiming such a right is dangerous for both our faith and democracy. […] Read More

Many members of both political parties believe the opposing party is more immoral and close-minded and less patriotic. Yet a majority of respondents from both parties said they wanted politicians to find common ground. […] Read More

Efforts to privatize public schools undermine the nature of a democratic government, replacing the sacred ideals of equality and shared fortunes with economic privilege and greed. The door to education must be open to all equally. […] Read More