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Would you consider withholding a lifesaving procedure, like CPR, from a COVID-19 patient? Many of us would do whatever we could to save a human life, but the reality for healthcare workers is the answer is not always so clear-cut. […] Read More

My dad died Thanksgiving morning nearly a decade ago. Even after years of sexual and emotional abuse, finding an old family photo made me long for what that little girl had – if only for a moment. That’s the daddy I miss. […] Read More

No matter who you are or how you defined your relationship with the one in your life who died, sorting through the belongings of a departed loved one doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It can be a spiritual journey. […] Read More

How do we reconcile the hope of the resurrection with the reminder of death surrounding us? It’s one of the most difficult aspects of leading and guiding God’s people. Yet, Eastertide reminds us death can be overcome. […] Read More

As a society, we resist talking about what is an absolute for all of us: We will someday die. It’s time we have conversations with our loved ones about our deaths and our wishes for end-of-life care. […] Read More

How much do we really know about Jewish burials? What effect are they having on the environment? Is this an important conversation for us to have? A few things really struck me from Richard Conniff’s recent opinion piece in The New York Times, titled “This Is How I Want to Be Dead.” The author writes […] Read More

Latino and Latina death practices differ significantly from those of Anglo Protestant families, yet they are largely unknown outside the Latino community. Candi K. Cann, assistant professor in Baylor University’s Interdisciplinary Core of the Honors College, authored a study on these differences, seeking to dispel the idea that U.S. customs surrounding death and dying are […] Read More

All religions attempt to make sense of death. Death is an enemy, the ultimate enemy. It represents an exit from what we know into what we don’t know. While our religion has some effect on how we grieve, grief is a universal response to loss. Everyone grieves. It’s our rituals and customs that vary and […] Read More

‘Being Mortal’

With the advent of the DVD, moviemakers have offered viewers the option to watch alternate endings of their favorite movies. A “director’s cut” lets us choose one ending over another, according to our preferences. Atul Gawande’s book, “Being Mortal,” allows individuals in declining health or with a terminal illness to consider alternate endings to their […] Read More

A sermon by Bob Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky. May 25, 2014 John 14:1-7 Some of my most meaningful conversations are with people who are dying. When your days on earth are drawing to a close, you don’t waste words, which is why most of the dialogue is focused and serious. This appears […] Read More