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Every call and every email received has been exceedingly positive in response to our hour-long documentary, “Different Books, Common Word,” that began airing Sunday on ABC-TV stations across the country.   An older woman, a Mississippian, called Monday. She said that she had never understood all the hate toward African-Americans and Muslims. She said she […] Read More

When the Washington Post “On Faith” editor asked his panelists to write about what they thought was the most important religion story of 2009, I quickly concluded that the most important issue for was the emerging, embryonic relationship between Baptists and Muslims.   Other issues had received significant news and opinion attention. But no […] Read More

Producing and directing a documentary on Baptists and Muslims has been eye-opening.   As Robert Parham, the Baptist Center for Ethics’ executive director, and I traveled to various states documenting friendships and initiatives between Baptists and Muslims, we occasionally had opportunity to mention to strangers what we were working on.   As I gathered footage […] Read More

ABC-TV stations will begin airing our documentary on Baptists and Muslims in early January. We’re proud of the piece, though we know any project about interfaith relationships – especially between Baptists and Muslims – is bound to bring criticism. Some quarters of Christianity, let’s say, will want us to distance ourselves from Muslims. They will […] Read More

A new documentary from on Baptist-Muslim relationships will begin airing on top ABC-TV stations in early January.   “Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims,” an hour-long documentary that puts a new, positive face on relationships between faith communities often known for their extremists, has already been picked up by about 60 ABC stations. […] Read More

I recall reading once the following statement: “Focus on it, and it will grow.” Our Islamic center was burned to the ground in February 2008. The blessing that followed this heinous act was that many in the community decided to focus on the good. As president of the Islamic Center of Columbia, Tenn., I wanted […] Read More

A man who firebombed a Tennessee mosque was sentenced in late November to 14 years in federal prison.   Michael Corey Golden, who turned 24 the day after his sentencing, admitted making the Molotov cocktails that burned the Islamic Center of Columbia to the ground on Feb. 9, 2008.   Golden didn’t act alone. Jonathan […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part editorial on interfaith dialogue.   Interfaith dialogue is difficult for many Baptists. By theology, most Baptists think they are right and everybody else is either wrong or misguided. By tradition, we are a missionary people who believe we ought to be about converting others. By disposition, […] Read More

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – From Boston to the Bible Belt and from Beaumont to the nation’s beltway, Baptists and Muslims are changing history with the way they change each other.   Tired of being defined by extremists, some Baptists and Muslims in the United States have sought and found common ground: the common word in both […] Read More

Order “Different Books, Common Word” on DVD! Click the video to play the trailer for “Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims.” INTRODUCTION | ARTICLES | RESOURCES | DISCUSSION GUIDE AIRDATES | PRESS KIT | CLIPS | STILLS | ENDORSEMENTS INTRODUCTION From Boston to the Bible Belt and from Beaumont to the nation’s beltway, Baptists […] Read More