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David D'Amico

Human rights issues clamor for the attention of interested Christians around the world. The minorities oppressed politically, economically and religiously in many countries of the world – Myanmar, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, to name a few – receive some media coverage in the United States. Baptists have championed human rights, concentrating their efforts on religious freedom, […] Read More

One of the joys of living in New York City is to be able to visit great historic churches and participate in their worship services. One Sunday in May 2000 I attended the Riverside Church, famous for the preaching of Harry Emerson Fosdick. The church was led until recently by Dr. James Forbes. As a […] Read More

Living in New York City five years ago during 9/11, my wife, Ana, and I were witness to the reality that is America. Ministering to diplomats and internationals at the United Nations, we were part of a community where flags of 191 countries fly daily. We lived in a global village. We heard reports about […] Read More