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David Benjamin

Quentin Schultze, a professor of communication arts and sciences at Calvin College, has written a thoughtful, clear and helpful introduction to the subject of using electronic projections in worship. High Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technologies Wisely is filled with probing questions, practical suggestions and pointed anecdotes about what really happens in churches as they attempt […] Read More

“Grow a Gen-X church in five easy steps.” The bookshelves are filled with “how-to” books on church change. But discerning leaders know that there is no single prescription which will restore health and vitality to every church. However Jim Kitchens, in The Postmodern Parish (Alban Institute), offers a perspective that is both thoughtful and helpful. […] Read More

Like the Beatitudes themselves, Erik Kolbell’s reflections on the eight statements are alternately encouraging or disturbing, but they will not leave one untouched. In What Jesus Meant: The Beatitudes and a Meaningful Life (Westminster John Knox Press) Kolbell draws from his rich experiences as a psychotherapist and a minister to offer a highly engaging encounter […] Read More

For those who are willing to be transformed, Taylor unfolds the process and practices of becoming Christ through contemplation. But Brian C. Taylor guides the reader past this shallow misconception to a much more accessible possibility. In Becoming Christ: Transformation Through Contemplation, he offers insights and practical suggestions for those who are interested in spiritual […] Read More

With all the power and subtlety of a tank, Bill Easum asks, “Is your congregation being faithful to the biblical mission of making disciples?” He rolls on from there. In his latest work, Unfreezing Moves: Following Jesus into the Mission Field, Easum observes that many churches are “stuck.” For various reasons, they are unable to […] Read More

From the full-color stills on the cover to the richly illustrated interior, Reel Faith screams “Look at me!” It is a cry that is hard to ignore. In Reel Faith: Where Meaning Meets the Movies, Abingdon Press has produced a series of resource that are compelling and practical. For small-groups, each issue in the series […] Read More