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Sudan and Yemen are most at risk for state-led mass atrocities, according to the Early Warning Project’s (EWP’s) annual analysis released on April 12. Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria and Afghanistan are also among the countries most at risk. EWP is a joint project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and Dartmouth College, which is […] Read More

Genocide continues to rumble forward in Darfur. Despite the fact that these grisly atrocities were the first in the history of the United States to be recognized as genocide while they were unfolding, today powers around the world are turning a blind eye and rolling back sanctions. Darfur, the first declared genocide of the 21st […] Read More

Lists of 20th-century genocides differ widely. Yet, six instances always appear: Armenia (1915), the Holocaust in Germany (1933), Cambodia (1975), Rwanda (1990), Bosnia (1995) and Darfur (2003). Other manifestations of genocide are found in some catalogs but not others: Herero and Namaqua (1904), Greek (1914), Assyrian (1915), the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine (1932), Croatia (1941), […] Read More

As bombs fall over Libya, the U.N. Security Council debates what actions to take – or not take – with regard to the civil war in Cote d’Ivoire. And while those of us with the luxury of distance debate whether what will happen there might constitute genocide in technical terms, I’ve spent the last few […] Read More

At the NAACP, our work in the global arena sometimes elicits the following kind of question: “With all the ills in the United States, why should we be involved in the problems in those countries?” There are at least three principle reasons you should engage globally. First, if you intend to be relevant, you have […] Read More

Over the years, the America of my experience has become more and more open, to the point where very little seems shocking. We have noticed it in almost every book, magazine, TV show, movie and especially in news stories. All of these, ever seeking to gain more attention, continue to ratchet up the level of […] Read More

I have the privilege of serving on the Save Darfur Coalition board of directors. Save Darfur is a coalition of more than 180 faith and nonprofit communities committed to ending genocide in Darfur and Sudan and to ensuring peace, security, and justice in the region.   As executive secretary-treasurer of the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign […] Read More

The “Save Darfur” signs and banners that once sprouted in church yards in America have largely vanished, replaced by notices for some other cause. E-mailed petitions and calls to action that flood the inboxes of Christian activists tend to be about some other problem these days. The evangelicals who in 2006 were running full-page ads […] Read More

Baptist World Alliance’s Freedom and Justice Commission participants spoke candidly about what they had experience in visits to the West Bank, voiced deep concern about the treatment of Palestinians and discussed the need to address the problem of Christian Zionism during the BWA’s annual meeting held this year in Prague, Czech Republic. “Bethlehem has become […] Read More

Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tenn., has a large, simple green sign with white letters facing a well-traveled street: “A Call to Your Conscience:” A large postcard with the call to conscience message sits under a magnet on a metal cabinet in our kitchen. On the reverse side is a thank-you letter to […] Read More