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We’re familiar with the biblical record of Nathan’s confrontation of King David and his abuse of power. But what about the subjects of David, who enabled his abusive behavior for their own goals? Imagine the sequel. […] Read More

Anti-intellectualism. Hero worship. Spiritual elitism. These three weaknesses among others lurk within the evangelical ethos. However, are they so rife within evangelicalism that they can’t be overcome? […] Read More

As citizens grapple with their racist history and combat modern-day bigotry at the highest levels, Childish Gambino’s Grammy win is a prophetic moment when art speaks truth to culture. And James Cone reminds us why we need justice. […] Read More

Some may conclude Canada is nearly devoid of Christians, but the diverse Christian expression helps create meaningful ecumenical dialogue and prevents any single denomination from claiming significant cultural influence. […] Read More

Jesus is God in the flesh. This assertion opens John’s Gospel through the proclamation, “the Word became flesh” (John 1:14). Theologians use a $4 word to describe this process, referring to it as “incarnation.” That Jesus took on a human body is a basic assertion of Christmas, for which the Advent season anticipates and prepares […] Read More

Being or becoming bicultural can provide insight for living as a minority in a dominant culture. Studying and thinking about Drew Hart’s noteworthy book, “Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism,” stirred me to reflect on a potentially helpful mindset for minorities living in a dominant culture. “The term bicultural describes a […] Read More

Crossing cultural barriers often comes unexpectedly. It’s as if God had a plan in mind for us, and quite often it only takes a little attention to engage in these new opportunities for developing friendships and discussing belief. The following people crossed my path. They were a part of my everyday life. The saga begins […] Read More

Politics doesn’t drive culture but is an expression of cultural change. With that point of view, we can easily observe that American culture is in a season of great flux. Familiar political categories are deconstructing before our eyes, while new categories are not yet formed. But let’s not limit our perspectives on change to politics. […] Read More

Water is essential to the life of a fish, but the fish is totally unaware of the presence of water until it is no longer there. The same is true of us and the culture in which we live. When Christians do discuss culture, we tend to identify some negative aspects of our cultural environment […] Read More

We live in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. Yet, as M. Scott Peck illustrates in “The Road Less Traveled and Beyond,” the human mind continues its proclivity for simplistic answers and explanations. In the process of posing and then discrediting each possible solution for building a better, more caring world, we fail to notice […] Read More